For businesses that already have a web storefront

Inspire Technologies will:

  • Evaluate whether your current storefront solution is giving you the ultimate ROI.
    1. Is your storefront solution right for the type of products you are selling?
    2. Do you need more than one storefront?
  • Evaluate additional methods to increase your web presence and offer products to the widest audience.
    1. In most cases, Inspire’s own item management product – I3 Inspire Item Intelligence – would be the ideal low-cost solution to efficiently maintain your catalog’s inventory and control your items’ listings across multiple sales channels including market places like eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten and comparison shopping engines like Google, Price Grabber, and Nextag.
    2. Evaluate completeness of product descriptions in relation to product promotion.
  • Analyze your web site traffic.
    1. Are you getting maximum traffic to your site?
    2. What is the conversion ratio from visitors to customers? We can provide solutions to increase this.
  • Evaluate order fulfillment and inventory management efficiency.
    1. As order volumes increase, an order management system moves from a nice-to-have option to a requirement to handle the order volume.
    2. We help clients select an order management system and inventory management system that will provide the best results for the client’s business.
  • Automate product and inventory feeds to many of the leading marketplaces and product comparison websites.
  • Provide competitive product analysis for your products. Who else is selling it? What price is the competition selling it for?
  • Provide input and lessons learned on how to manage seasonal peaks.
  • Provide solutions to greatly reduce your risk of credit card fraud.

For businesses that do not currently have a web storefront:

  • Inspire Technologies works with clients to select a storefront solution that is the best fit for their requirements and budget.
  • We help the client define product categories in the best manner for results.
  • We load products and identify product keywords to maximize results.
  • We load products to other sites to increase traffic and sales.
  • We assist the customer with generating additional traffic to their website using industry techniques.
  • We provide information on the leading competitive storefronts for their industry.

Americans spent more than $115 billion online in 2008, representing roughly 10 percent of the total domestic market. Online shopping is forecast to reach $329 billion in 2010, increasing to 13 percent of all retail sales and encompassing almost half of all households.

We can help you obtain a portion of this revenue!