Inspire Technologies E-Commerce Services

Inspire Technologies provides a mix of technical and business expertise to help you be successful as an Internet retail business. Unlike many other providers who specialize in web programming or marketing, we bring a combination of both technical and business skills. Inspire Technologies offers a broad range of services that reflects our expertise in delivering e-commerce solutions for many years.

Our Services include:

The I3 catalog allows central management of item availability, attributes, images, and relationships and the automated export of feeds to marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, and websites

      • Custom e-retail design and development:

If you need a custom-built storefront or just a minor change to your cart to enable it to work with a vendor package, we can help.

      • Packaged storefront software support:

There are many cart solutions on the market. All of the carts support basic import and export of products and orders. We find that automating these processes becomes a requirement as a business grows. Give us a call to discuss your specific shopping cart needs.

      • Storefront ROI optimization analysis:

It’s easy to know what your top-selling products are for the last month. Knowing which products are your top profit items and how the buying trends are changing is less intuitive. We can help you understand the profit margins of your products and which combination of product accessories should be promoted to generate additional sales. You may find the market has forced the profit margins down on your top-selling products. Accessory items can be the way to recover the profits.

      • Leveraging Google tools to increase your sales:

Google is the King of the Internet. Love it or hate it, it has a large influence over your website traffic. An Internet storefront requires different search engine optimization than a marketing website. Your customer is not looking for your store. They are looking for a specific product.

      • Order fulfillment and inventory management solutions:

Small businesses overlook order fulfillment until they are losing customers. Larger businesses typically need to integrate the store into their existing back-office systems. Each path has its own set of challenges. Inspire Technologies can help you improve your order processing efficiency and improve your customer satisfaction by using systems that let you manage by exception.

      • Storefront integration to back office software:

If you have an existing back-office solution that runs your business, you are not going to replace it to accommodate a website. You need to get the two systems to communicate. Orders, inventory status updates, shipment tracking numbers and price changes; there is a lot to consider. We have been helping clients overcome these obstacles for years. Give us a call. Let’s discuss your ideas.

      • Search engine optimization for your store and products:

There are many businesses that offer website SEO services. If you have an Internet store, you need to manage the SEO of your products and your website. We have experience in performing SEO for your unique environment, and can increase web traffic and improve conversion ratios for your store.

      • Product data feeds for the major shopping sites:

Your Internet store should not be an island. Your products need to travel to other websites to improve your product sales, and the process should be performed at least once a week. Content matters. Inspire Technologies provides data feeds to a number of free and pay-per-click providers. Getting your products in front of prospective buyers that wouldn’t normally come to your store is key to sales growth.

      • Product data cleansing and SEO optimization for the web:

It is amazing how bad some product listings are. The typical product listing will have a five to ten-word description, a product code and a price. When Inspire Technologies “data cleanses” a product listing, we build upon the product information using applications that search for keywords in the information provided. As an example, we can set the product category based on keywords in the description or the manufacturers code. We can set retail prices based on business rules. We also can set parent/child relationships for products with sizes and colors. Information from multiple sources can be combined and SEO keywords can be added. This greatly reduces the amount of manual effort required to get product listings ready for the web store.

      • Email marketing solutions:

Email marketing to existing customers can be the best way to increase repeat sales. Many email functions should be automated. We do not provide email hosting services in-house. We provide industry knowledge as your business partner to help you find a complete solution that will work best for your Internet store.

We will work with you to determine the best strategy to improve your Internet store sales. Whether you have 100 products or 500,000 products, Inspire Technologies can help you improve your online sales and give you the best solution to fit your needs!